My Bangkok Crib!

Welcome to apartment #408! You tour begins! I reside at the Porn-Uthai Apartments- yes, my apartment does have the word ‘porn‘ in it; however, here in Thailand, ‘porn’ means blessing or good wishes. My crib is located in Chatuchak, a district of Bangkok, Thailand known for its superb markets. It’s is tucked away neatly  in a side street off one of the main roads, and it’s conveniently located near many shops, markets, malls, the BTS Skytrain, the school that I teach at, and most importantly, street food vendors. 😉

My 4th floor room opens up to a light, airy living room with a sliding door and balcony which looks down to the pool below.

My bathroom includes a large mirror, a spacious countertop, and a butt wash to top it off!

My room is very simple and contains my queen bed, desk, and armoire (to house all my teacher clothes and cheap, trendy market finds). I have been enjoying living independently in a minimalist-themed pad.

As you walk out of my bedroom, you will find the kitchen! It’s simple yet functional, and I hardly ever get it dirty since there is so much delicious street food to eat.

A sneak peak inside my refrigerator (below) will show you 2 of my favorite exotic fruits here. On the left is mangosteen, which has a creamy/citrusy center, and on the right is rambutan, which has a juicy egg-shaped fruit in the center. You can buy 1 kilogram of each for 25 Baht, which is about $1!

Now lets make our way upstairs. On the 8th floor (the top), there is a workout room with some partially functioning gym equipment. I hardly feel the need to utilize this room. Working out on the top floor of a building in the treacherous Thailand heat is a daunting task; I find that I sweat enough just from walking outside! However, I do love to come up here for the amazing view!

Now, downstairs to the pool! That sounds more like it! As we wind downstairs, you may notice the pleasant metal railings that complement the cool, tile floor and give the complex an alluring charm.

The pool is a necessity in this heat. It’s refreshing and invigorating; I often I take a dip in the pool after walking home from school, and it’s usually my hangout spot on Sundays. The white plumeria trees give the area a pleasant look and smell.

We there you have it! This is my pad until next year! It’s a perfect home-base to explore from, and it’s a relaxing and rejuvenating place to come home to after being out in the city. Home sweet home!

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” -Henry David Thoreau


  1. Tara | 9th Jun 13

    Pretty cool sis! Enjoy being a teacher! It is so much fun! Let me know if you want to visit Korea! 🙂

    • Words of a Wanderer | 9th Jun 13

      Thank you! I am enjoying it very much, my students are such sweethearts 🙂 And I definitely will!! That would be tons of fun 🙂

      • Tara | 9th Jun 13

        Yes it would be a lot of fun! Be careful the kids will still your heart!!! 🙂 Mine have! haha

  2. Alexandria Adair Vasquez | 9th Jun 13

    I’m in love with that adorable little dresser!

    • Words of a Wanderer | 9th Jun 13

      Me too! haha The furniture is so cute!

  3. Deanna O'Connell | 9th Jun 13

    Thanks for the tour – look forward to seeing it in person! Love you, Mom

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  5. Kev | 16th Mar 14

    How close is this building to the Major mall and the MRT?

    • Words of a Wanderer | 16th Mar 14

      Hi Kev! Major Mall is about a 5 minute walk- it’s really close! All you have to do is cross Viphavadi. The MRT is about a 15/20 min walk in the other direction towards Central Lad Prao. It’s a 5-10 minute tai ride to Mo Chit BTS station. I’m happy to help if need any more information on the place!

      • Kev | 16th Mar 14

        Awesome thank you. I am going to look at a10k baht 40sqm room there this week. How was the building and wifi in general? The pool looks nice really good pics you took.

      • Words of a Wanderer | 16th Mar 14

        The building is really nice! It’s kept very clean, and of course the pool is great! Wifi is 700 baht per month, and it works well 95% of the time. 🙂

  6. elephantsleg | 25th Jul 15

    Hi, I looked at a place here today. Good location and good apartments, but one of the residents told me the electric bill comes to around an alarming 4,000 baht a month. Can you confirm this is about right? (I realise it’s more than a year since your post but the info should still be roughly valid). Thanks

    • Words of a Wanderer | 25th Jul 15

      Hey! Thanks for the comment! Well, if their bill is over 4,000 baht, they are probably not being too careful with the AC. During my time at Porn Uthai, my most expensive bill was probably about 2,300 baht. I work during the days, so my AC wasn’t on then, but I did have it on in the evenings and nights. As long as it’s not running 24/7, the bill should be manageable! Hope that helps! Supalai Park apartments are also really nice- it’s right down the street from Porn Uthai (Phahonyothin 21) and they have the added bonus of being right on the main street, and there’s restaurants and shops on the main floor. Might be worth a look! I live at Supalai now, and I’m loving it!

      • elephantsleg | 8th Aug 15

        Thanks for the feedback. Actually the main consideration is that we have 2 cats so it is hard finding a place that is pet friendly. Do you have any suggestions? Just when we decided to choose Porn Uthai based on the more sensible electric estimate, they got full up!

      • Words of a Wanderer | 12th Aug 15

        Oh man!! That’s a bummer! Have you found anywhere yet? I’m actually not sure about any other places in this area… I know that a lot of newer buildings won’t accept animals! 🙁 There is another Supalai Ratchayothin behind Major, but that’s a bit pricier than Porn Uthai by a few thousand baht. There’s also Premsiri on Kaset Nawamin, and their rooms are reasonably prices, but I’m not sure about the pets. You could also try waiting a bit for a room at Porn Uthai- they often have exchange students, so there’s sometimes a quick turnaround on rooms. Good luck in your search!

  7. elephantsleg | 17th Aug 15

    Thanks – actually we found a unit in your Supalai. The building itself officially doesn’t allow pets but the landlord gave us his blessing to keep 2 cats there in secret.So we’ll move in there in a couple of weeks.

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