Rainy Day Revelations

At last! I was mentally and physically prepared for a long, sufferable day of bargaining at Chatuchak Weekend Market! In my Jansport backpack I carried some bargaining tricks, cash, sunscreen, and sunglasses. As we arrived at our destination, Mo Chit BTS stop, the rain came down. Hard.

A typical, torrential downpour immediately flooded the streets and sidewalks and soaked everyone in sight. People fled for the shelter, and clear tarps were hastily thrown over the street goods. The wind mangled my umbrella useless by flipping it inside out, and wow, I didn’t think that actually happened in real life.

Well, we weren’t meant to conquer Chatuchak Market today. Kate and I defeatedly sat back on the BTS-  cold, wet, and shivering in a tropical country. We surrendered to a Starbucks 2 stops away.

I blissfully sipped my frothy green tea latte as we discussed out our impending futures. The rain poured on. 

Something about rainy days puts me into a pensive, introspective funk, and here’s one conclusion I came to: there’s nothing like a good rainstorm to remind you that you’re not always in control. Sit back, laugh at your ‘plans’, and enjoy your latte.David Jones says, “All you can do is plan to go unplanned, prepare to be unprepared, and make going with the flow part of your agenda.” On my way home, I go-ed with the flow and entered Chatuchak Park- it was calling my name.

The park was in a beautiful, misty, post-rain state, and I admired, and felt gratitude for, several simple things on my solo walk: 

1. water droplets on the flowers

2. snails who surface after a good rain

3. rickety park benches (I’m always drawn to photographing benches; I’m not sure why)

4. puddles and expensive sandals that probably aren’t supposed to get wet

 5. a lush green escape inside a busy city

  6.  insects 

7. reflections and ripples Turns out, I still had an amazing, fulfilling Saturday in a different way than I anticipated. In the midst and aftermath of rainy days we are reminded to slow down, take in our surroundings, and go with the flow for unexpected opportunities.

Anywhere, anytime, appreciation and gratitude go a long way. I am thankful for puddles of water, reflections, slow snails, mother nature’s booming laughter, flexibility, a green tea latte from Starbucks that tastes the same anywhere in the world, and of course, the rain.


  1. Denise Curley | 16th Sep 13

    Great post Casey! Love your perspective.

  2. Grethe | 16th Sep 13

    Beautiful photos and revelations. Your appreciation of the little things is especially important for me to remember today when the rain and flooding has been such a problem for us here across the world from you as well. Thanks for reminding me to go out and seek the beauty! Love, Grethe

    • Words of a Wanderer | 16th Sep 13

      It is hard to focus on the little things when there is so much going on- especially flooding… much love to all of you guys out there in Colorado, you’re in my thoughts! Stay safe and enjoy your beauty seeking 🙂

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