Cannonballs in Khao Yai

We made an escape away from our man-made stomping grounds. Living in Bangkok, I struggle with the annoyances of city living…  trying to not get caught in protests, waiting for taxi’s, sitting in traffic, listening to continual noise pollution… however, it was nice to be reminded that nature does, in fact, exist.

After being here in Bangkok, I think I have this skewed idea that all of Thailand is built up- a concrete playground of skyscrapers and vehicles that cause pollution, but it’s not. That’s just Bangkok. The majority of Thailand is a beautiful countryside with natural things still intact. There are even trees and clean water, and I saw those yesterday with my very own eyes! 😉

I realized that we don’t have to go over far to find natural beauty. Kelly, Kate (here’s her version of the day), and I drove about 2 hours Northeast to the tip of Khao Yai National Park, where you can find Sarika Waterfall. It’s the perfect day trip from Bangkok!

After some maneuvering over boulders,we found ourselves a spot right under the cascading action. There is a perfect little swimming cove at the base of the waterfall, and several sitting spots if you climb up a bit.

One of my FAVORITE things in the world is standing under a waterfall as water pounds over your head and leaves you gasping for breath. (The last time I did this was a few years ago at Nauyaca waterfall in Costa Rica.)

I could watch waterfalls for hours- they are a loud and bold element of nature but captivating and serene at the same time. (Even though a flip flop came careening down the waterfall at one point.)

Khao Yai is a huge national park, and I enjoyed relaxing in a place hardly touched by humans while butterflies zipped around us. There are a lot of hiking trails and animals to see if you wander further into the park, which I would definitely come back to do.


After we spend time at the base, we hiked further up off the beaten path where another small waterfall poured into a private, blue swimming hole.

Up here we also found lots of little pockets to sit it and a stunning view overlooking..well,… nature. This was by far my favorite day in Thailand.

We even jumped off the mini waterfall!


Sometimes it takes a day of swimming, adrenaline-pumping jumps, mini coves, and tumbling waterfalls to remind you that life is good. Never, EVER, underestimate the power of a day out in nature.

I had been needing an little adventure, and this was perfect. Adventures like this make me very full, not just from sandwiches and beer, but from digesting a whole lotta’ what life is about. 


  1. Kate | 6th Dec 13

    I love this! Nature DOES exist (thank goodness)!

  2. Thailand, I Love You Again | kateinbkk | 6th Dec 13

    […] For Casey’s blog post about our fun day, click HERE! […]

  3. kelly | 7th Dec 13

    More often than not, the spontaneous, unplanned happenings turn out to be the best! We could not have asked for nicer conditions. Sarika waterfall rocks! Missed the iguana, but maybe we’ll see him again.

    Casey, I like your writing and descriptions. You caught it all. Places like this make it so much easier to live in the city. Because I know I can be there in less than two hours. I;m glad you guys liked it so much. There are so many special places around that make it easier for us to remember that we are surrounded by beauty just steps away.

    I was so proud of you guys when you gathered up the courage to jump.

    I know of two more waterfalls that are equally kick-ass, if not better! But they are a bit further on Koh Chang. I try to go there every opportunity I can. It’s so fun going to waterfalls with like-minded people who tap into the positive energy that they radiate there. I hope I get the chance to show you guys the waterfalls on Koh Chang, but if I don’t, then I urge you to go. Than Mayom waterfall and Klong Plu waterfall on Koh Chang, Trat province. You will love them for sure!

    • Words of a Wanderer | 7th Dec 13

      Kelly, I’m so happy that you enjoyed reading! I’m even happier that we got to go to this spot with you! I can see how Bangkok is much more tolerable when you know you can escape to great locations like this. I definitely want to check out the other spots, too!! I LOVE waterfalls, and like you said, it’s even better when you can go with like-minded people who can just be themselves and enjoy the majestic beauty of these special spots. 😀

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