5 Amazing Places to get Healthy Food in Bangkok

You’d think Thailand would be a great place to have a healthy diet; fresh fruits are plentiful and detoxifying herbs like lemongrass, galangal, and basil are a staple of Thai cuisine. However, it’s not always easy! Drinks are loaded with sugar, veggies are cooked to death in palm oil, and seemingly healthy choices arrive looking deep-fried and greasy. But not all hope is lost! Here are 5 trustworthy places to get healthy food in Bangkok, and I keep going back to because of their commitment to healthy, organic food and sustainability.

1. May Veggie Home

Sometimes you just need a simple, delicious salad! (As this reasonable as this request may seem, Thailand’s idea of a salad is a chunk of iceberg lettuce with mayonnaise dressing. Ugh!) I LOVE May’s salad selection- especially the avocado salad with their homemade sesame mint dressing. They keep their vegan cuisine classy with Thai favorites, but there’s a few twists on other Asian dishes, like Vietnamese Pho. This is my idea of a perfect lunch spot- it’s simple, homey, reasonably priced, and only a 5-minute walk from Asok BTS.

May's Veggie Home

Burmese Tea Leaf Salad


Mieng-Bai-Cha is May’s take on Burmese tea leaf salad, and it comes in artistic, bite-sized spoonfuls. This is seriously one of my favorite dishes in Bangkok. + Their fresh squeezed juices and smoothies are utterly refreshing.

2. The Spring Epicurean Market

So many great, organic, artisinal products. So many happy people supporting local companies. SO MANY SAMPLES. The last Sunday of every month (from 8-1 pm) is when I become blissfully overwhelmed by sea salt, homemade nut butters, goat cheese, bread, teas, jars of spirulina, juices, and samples of quality meat. The consistency of producers varies, but there’s always something amazing to buy or try. Plus, there’s live music to make this outdoor fete even more festive!

Epicurean Market

Epicurean Market



I always snag some nuts/seeds from Radiance Wholefoods, Coco Symbiosis coconut water, and Nuttarin coconut oil, which I use for everything. + My new favorite is Yumm-o nut butters.

3. Rasayana Raw Food Cafe

Oh, Rasayana! This mini oasis in Bangkok is surrounded by plants, and it’s got everything a health nut could ever dream of: wheatgrass shots, fresh juices, and a menu that’s totally vegan. Additionally, as a raw/living food cafe, nothing has been cooked over 140ºF, so the food is full of nutrients, and it’s DELICIOUS. The raw food cafe is the tip of Rasayana’s iceberg; they provide detox and cleansing packages and colon hydrotherapy. The main shop also sells probiotics and packaged homemade treats. It’s down a busy Phrom Phong soi with no sidewalks, so walking can be treacherous, but it’s so worth it.

Rasayana Bangkok

Rasayana Bangkok


The veggie sandwich is stuffed with, well, fresh veggies between celery bread, and it’s topped with tamarind and macadamia nut sauce. + They have live pizza with flax seed crust, eggplant lasagna, the green giant juice, and a display full of desserts. So basically… everything.

4. Sunshine Market

This place is a GEM. It’s a natural health shop in Bangkok, and they have all kinds of hard-to-find items. They carry powders such as chlorella, cranberry, spirulina, acai, turmeric and wheatgrass- some even in bulk. They boast more Bob’s Red Mills products than you could dream of- perfect for anyone in search of those elusive, gluten-free baking products of Bangkok. If that wasn’t enough, they sell teas, nuts, body care products, and even a kombucha starter kit. Seriously, walking in feels like striking gold! Sunshine market is attached to Niraamaya Natural Health Center, which offers homeopathy, acupuncture, yoga, reiki, and more.

Sunshine Market Bangkok

Sunshine Market Bangkok


Sunshine carries cold pressed Me Juice and Le Kombucha, so I always grab a bottle of each when I stop in! I love their chlorella powder, and their chia seeds are some of the cheapest I’ve found in Bangkok. + The refrigerator also has homemade desserts that are wonderful!

5. Broccoli Revolution

Who says you can’t have a drink while you’re eating a healthy meal? Broccoli Revolution has kale and cucumber mojitos, among other flavors, and organic wine and beer. But there’s 18 juice combos (for take home too) if you’re wanting a drink without a buzz. Although the menu is not extensive, they have solid vegetarian options, like the mezzo platter with pita bread, hummus, olives, etc. Prices are reasonable, and with it’s hanging ferns and modern industrial feel, it’s a classy dinner spot. Naya Ehrlich-Adam is the brains behind Broccoli Revolution AND Monsoon restaurant in Myanmar, which I had the pleasure of eating at a few years ago.

Broccoli Revolution Bangkok

Broccoli Revolution Bangkok

Broccoli Revolution Bangkok


The broccoli quinoa burger with guacamole and a charcoal bun is a big hit, and it is pretty dang good. Did I mention the desserts? They’re all from Veganerie, a vegan bakery. Though I’m not a big cake person, their red velvet cake with macadamia spread is to die for. Sampling their broccoli ice cream is next on my list.

I’d love to try a few more spots on this list. I’m always on the hunt for a healthy, delicious meal!

What are your favorite healthy spots in Bangkok?


  1. Lauren | 30th Oct 15

    These all look divine! There’s nothing more refreshing when you’re traveling!

    • Words of a Wanderer | 31st Oct 15

      Thanks for the comment, Lauren! Agreed- a healthy meal does feel AMAZING after travel. Or anytime, really. 😉

  2. Mike O'C | 4th Nov 15

    wow, what creative dishes! They look marvelous !!

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