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A Peek into Permaculture


I find that the principals of permaculture can not only be applied to nature, but the way in which we live. As we are constantly careening in and out of each others lives, we must remember that we are connected to everything else.

Volunteers For Peace


VFP continues to be my number one choice, because I know I am traveling not only as a volunteer, but as an activist united with passionate organizations who strive to make this world a little better. With over 30,000 volunteers exchanged already, the roots of these projects have taken a stronghold, and they continue to provide solutions for tomorrow.

Pura Vida


Pura Vida is a stability and steadiness of all opposites. It comes down to a very simple equation, which is really a question that wish I could ask myself more: How can I do this outdoor work most efficiently so that my hammock time is maximized? It’s finding that sweet balance of working hard, and relaxing just as hard.

Pipe Cleaners, Rocks & Globalization

Pipe Cleaners, Rocks & Globalization

Globalization: it’s happening, & the fight against it is not worth it. However, we can preserve the integrity and character of every location by cherishing our connections with those around us, and of course, savoring the little things.

First World Failures & Haiti

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Are we setting ourselves up for failure? We came into this experience expecting to make a difference, and maybe we did. But we learned more from the Haitians than we could ever expect to teach them…

"If at some point you don't ask yourself,
What have I gotten myself into?
You're not doing it right."

-Roland Gau

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