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12 ways to totally humiliate yourself in Thailand because it’ll happen, 2015

6 uncomfortable truths about Thailand why living in Thailand breaks my heart, 2015

11 American habits I lost when I moved to Thailand musings on life in Thailand, 2015

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Yogatique Yoga Studio

10 Things I Learned from Yogatique’s 30-Day Yoga Challenge a reflection, 2015

Yogatique Bangkok

Volunteers For Peace: Volunteer stories on the Blog

Promoting Activism for Global Solutions on Volunteers For Peace, 2012

Lost in Translation in Costa Rica on volunteering experiences in Costa Rica, 2012

First World Failures and Haiti on changing our perspective of ‘first world,’ 2012

Pipe Cleaners, Rocks, and Globalization on how funny and fickle globalization is, 2012

Haitian Encounters on the true spirit of Haitians, 2011


The Anthem Exposition: Women’s Anthems of Overcoming

Laugher Over Language: Overcoming Culture Barriers guest post, 2012


 Collaborative Pieces

Why You Should Study Abroad insight about study abroad in Hyderabad, India in collaboration with Who Needs Maps, 2015WhoNeedsMaps_Header



Who Needs Maps? ‘Why you should study abroad’ except also featured on American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) blog. 



TV 9’s Be a Star 

Part 1: The Makeover, Part 2: The Unveiling  featured on India’s popular television makeover show ‘Be a Star’, 2010


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