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Rumble in the Jungle


We doubled over, tripled over, and quadrupled over with laughter as we feasted on tamales. And not one of us shared the same culture, and we obviously could not speak the same language, but ohhhhh could we laugh.

The Travel Syndrome

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Do you have the ability to feel at home no matter where you are? Are you repulsed by the ‘common’ tourist? You may have the Travel Syndrome!

Protest GPS: Fight to Get Lost!

Protest GPS: Fight to Get Lost!

Should we really listen to people who constantly tell us that we’re going the wrong way? Many times the ‘wrong way’ can lead us on an inexplicable adventure and an even better destination than we were headed for in the first place.

Hi There.

I'm Casey- a twenty-something traveler with an insatiable wanderlust. I thrive on bizarre food, foreign cultures, and the language of laughter. Wander with me as I take photos and write about destinations all over the world.

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Currently in Bangkok, Thailand!

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Japan with Michael!
Tokyo: December 19th-22nd
Hiroshima: December 22nd-24th
Nagasaki: December 24th-26th
Kyoto: December 26th-30th
Osaka: December 30th-January 2nd

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