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24 Images of Angkor


Angkor Wat, the largest religious structure in the world, and the surrounding temple complexes serve as symbols of endurance and strength. They helped me to see beauty in moments of pain. It’s hard to capture the grandeur of Angkor, but here are my favorite pictures.

Fusion: In Food and Life

While eating Peruvian & Japanese fusion cuisine, I realized that being able to merge different elements into one not only happens in food but in our lives too… we create our own scrumptious cuisines.

Pura Vida


Pura Vida is a stability and steadiness of all opposites. It comes down to a very simple equation, which is really a question that wish I could ask myself more: How can I do this outdoor work most efficiently so that my hammock time is maximized? It’s finding that sweet balance of working hard, and relaxing just as hard.

"If at some point you don't ask yourself,
What have I gotten myself into?
You're not doing it right."

-Roland Gau

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August 14th -17th

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October 15th-25th

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October 25th- ?

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