About Me

I’m Casey, and I have serious wanderlust.

I currently live in Bangkok, Thailand, and I teach a seriously adorable second grade class. I won’t be here forever though; it is my mission to explore as many places as I can in this amazing world. I enjoy writing about my adventures to keep my loved ones updated and to inspire others to travel the world. I’m all about healthy, local food and I support responsible, eco-friendly travel.

I Love:

♥Indian food. My life is a perpetual hunt for the best Indian food around.


♥Yoga. But especially Sivananda Yoga.

♥Green tea lattes.

♥FOOD. All of it. High end food, cheap street food, Mediterranean food, Thai food, vegetarian food, trying new food. You get the idea.

♥Lazy wine nights.

♥Standing under waterfalls.

♥Home decor.




♥Handstands on the beach.

♥Taking pictures with my pride and joy, Sony Nex-5R.

♥ This life.

♥ My boyfriend Michael. He’s the bees knees. I’m so lucky to have found a partner whose wanderlust is as severe as my own. We travel, live, and work together, and we’re always planning our next trip.


Come travel with us!

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Can’t wait to wander with you!


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