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Welcome to Words of a Wanderer!

This blog was born in December of 2011 when I had a burning desire to share my travel experiences. This blog perfectly combines 2 of my passions: writing and traveling. My focus is on my authentic experiences and interactions while traveling. Although I sometimes include a train timetable or brief itinerary in my posts, scheduling is not my focus. I believe we have our richest travel experiences when we’re not set on following a timetable. I mostly write about the places I visit, but my blog is not limited to destinations.

Take your time, & wander around the blog! Here area few pieces to start with:


Infatuation in Ubud, Bali.

Chillin’ in Chiang Rai.

10 Awesome Things To Do in Tokyo.

2 Days in Vancouver.

Off the Beaten Path:

Bunny Island: It’s Fur Real.

Myanmar: To Go or Not To Go?

Dreams of Borobudur.


Fusion in food and life.

A Food Journey in Paris.

16 Things to Eat and Drink in Japan.

Photo Essays:

Captivated by Kyoto: 28 Photos.

24 Images of Angkor.

Muay Thai in Black and White.

Iconic Paris: A Photo Essay.


Indonesia: Ogah Ogah!

Thailand: Savoring Songkran.


Life Is Too Short For…

First World Failures and Haiti.

Rumble in the Jungle.

The Travel Syndrome.


A Solo Yoga Retreat = The Best Birthday Ever

10 Things I Learned from Yogatique’s 30-Day Yoga Challenge.


Healing Wounds of War: Volunteering at Vietnam Friendship Village.

Volunteering in Haiti: Pipe Cleaners, Rocks, and Globalization.

Volunteering in Costa Rica: A Peek into Permaculture.

Volunteers for Peace.

Interesting & Unusual:

Floating Away: 90 Minutes in a Sensory Deprivation Pod.

10 Reasons Why I Would Never Live at Versailles.

All That Jazz: Calypso Ladyboy Show.

Koh Phangan: Full Moon Fail.

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